3 Level Design is a professional multiservice firm based in Oklahoma City. The firm’s staff provides full architectural and interior design services including; space planning, master planning, programming, material specification, cost estimation, construction observation, LEED Certification, and feasibility studies.


Key to 3 Level Design’s approach is our core philosophy, “a diverse group of talented professionals, providing exceptional services, which exceed client expectations”. We have chosen to keep our staff size small relative to some of our competitors, while emphasizing a diverse, complementary staff. Major staffing roles are filled by our top tier licensed professionals. Our staff diversity allows the team members to approach and contribute to the project from their own unique perspectives / skill sets. This approach allows us to consistently meet the owner’s expectations with quality projects.


Owner involvement is also a key to our successful project approach. At 3 Level Design, we believe projects can be deemed a success by meeting the client’s goals and expectations. Our approach is to involve you in the design process, and to also take the time to find out who you are. We seek to understand your needs, goals, and dreams. Only after we have learned these things, can we execute a successful design.


We have also deliberately chosen not to vertically integrate engineering into our business model. This allows us to tailor our engineering teams to each specific project’s requirements . We have long, successful, track records with a number of engineers from each respective discipline.


Our approach to each project is one of interaction and proactive exploration. Our goal is not only to meet each clients goals, but to exceed them.


—Bobby Newman

Bobby Newman



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